Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome To Flowertopia!

This 'Season's Greetings' daylily is surrounded by rudbeckia.

 Welcome to Flowertopia!

I love working in my flower gardens and often think that there's no place I'd rather be, especially during bloom season, so I call my gardens, 'Flowertopia.'  

Blogging is something new to me and I'm just learning how to do it so, until this blog site is a bit more developed, here are some links to other places where you can currently find my poetry in cyberspace:


This is one of my own daylily seedlings.

I have a small plant nursery, specializing in fancy daylilies.  Currently, there are over four hundred registered varieties in my gardens, along with countless, unregistered seedlings that are the result of my hybridizing efforts.  I love photographing the flowers in bloom.  Sometimes, I'll add the text of a short poem to a photograph.  Four or five of these, 'text over photo,' poems have been published in the local newspapers, including 'The Bancroft Times,' and, 'Bancroft This Week.'  I'll post these, also.


Frequently, it's while I'm working in the flower gardens that I become inspired to write a poem.  Often, the first lines just occur to me, out of nowhere, while I'm busy weeding away...

Here's a link to more pictures of, 'Flowertopia.'  http://flickriver.com/photos/fancy-daylilies/popular-interesting/ 


  1. Kathy, great nto see you starting to blog. Your images are fantastic.

  2. Thank you, John! I'm still figuring out how to use this blogging site (what all the features are, etc.), so it will be sort of slow going for awhile. I'll have to say that your blogs are fantastic, especially the Guernsey Poets blog, which I highly recommend to everyone with an interest in poetry.